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Commitment to cuisine

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Persue authentic “deliciaus”

We don’t stick to producing centers or big-neme brands too much and select high-quality and secure ingredients with master chef’s own eyes.

This is because we believe that buying the best ingredients on the day and highly-skilled chef’s cooking is the best way to pursue authentic “delicious”.

Please enjoy our dishes searched for genuine “tasty”

Commitment to cuisine

Creating Beauty “serving dish”

Wares are essential factors to CHIHANA’s dishes. They play important roles as they make the dishes more beautiful and more delicious.

At our restaurant, you can feel the depth and history of Japanese cuisine by using “Kyo-yaki” and “Koimari” tableware, and sometimes “Kitaoji Rosanjin” and “Ogata Kenzan” tableware. maybe.

We will bring you an extraordinary experience that only CHIHANA can provide.


All of our dishes are course meals.
We will prepare dishes according to the availability of the day’s stock and other factors.
We will prepare dishes according to your order.



TEL 075-561-2741

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